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Piles Specialist Doctor In Mumbai

Piles is a serious and very painful condition , when it is in the sever stage. Be it, man or woman, a chunk of population is suffering from this. Call it the sedentary effect of lifestyle or biological issues. People are vulnerable to such disease. That's where the need for specialists comes into picture. They are well-versed when it comes to effective treatment.

Why Piles Occur?

Piles is generally the collection of tissue and veins which becomes inflamed and swollen because of some reasons. Size of piles vary and are usually found on the anus. It generally occurs due to chronic constipation, lifting heavy weights and straining when passing a tool. That is the reason Piles Specialist Doctor In Mumbai plays an important role. Doctors are very helpful in rendering effective treatment.

This contains collection of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. This usually occurs when collection of tissues and veins becomes inflamed or swollen.

  • A Doctor help patients to diagnose piles or examination
  • It occurs due to chronic constipation, diarrhoea, lifting heavy weights, straining when passing a tool

Generally It is classified into four grades:

Grade I: Small inflammations usually inside the lining of the anus and are not visible.

Grade II: It is bigger than grade I piles and occur inside the anus. It is pushed during passing of tool and is unaided.

Grade III: It is called prolapsed haemorrhoids and appears inside the anus. It gets pushed out when passing of stool and remains unaided.

Grade IV: This is generally pushed back in and need treatment. It becomes large in size and remains outside the anus.