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Homoepathy - The science of healing the body, mind and soul


Quality Policy

The Main Aim of the Homeoplex is provide Quality in terms of treatment & services for well being of the patients & their satisfaction

  • The Homeoplex concept is a first of its kind unique concept that will endear itself to wellness conscious people like never -before!

  • It will re-introduce the principle of 'cure that extends to the root ' in this modern-stressful age.

  • To bring the magic of homeopathy to the doorstep of the people.

  • To provide quality & highest standards of homeopathy services as well as strive for excellence in the healing system.

  • To offer a cure witthin the shortest period of time as long as the patients visit the homeoplex at an ealy age.

  • To be committed to upholdong the highest professional standards whilst adhering to ethical practices.

  • Nash Homoeplex offers a scientific ,reliable & effective system of homeopathic treatment .

  • The Homeoplex will ensure a high level of quality control & hygiene as also patient's convenience.

  • The medication prescribed & dispensed to patients are obtained from leading suppliers ,with test certificates as per national or international homeopathic pharmacopoeia standards.

  • One of the greatest advantages of these medications is that there are absolutely no side effects of the treatment .

  • The Homeoplex will offer German medicines ,which are considered to be the best in the world.

  • The Homeoplex has a very sound system wherein the consultant apends adequate time with each new patient : taking detailed case history, analysing the ce:as following which the case is discussed with chif consultant ; & also taking the aid of computerised repertory.

  • The Holistic healing system treats all the symptoms as one.In particular, it addresses the cause & not the symptoms. The result being that the symptoms don't reoccur.

  • Patients case history ,diagnosis ,prognosis & treatment will be meticulously docu-mented.