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Homoepathy - The science of healing the body, mind and soul


Scientific, reliable and effective

Nash Homeoplex offers a scientific, reliable and effective system of homeopathic treatment...

  • When the remedies are taken in an appropriate manner at regular intervals, the results are quite rapid in addition to offering a complete and permanent cure.
  • The indigenous home-grown remedies are normally based on the most natural and purest ingredients, which are completely safe. In fact, they asre so safe that even babies and pregnant women can use them without any dangerous or injurious side-effects.
  • The homeoplex will ensure a high level of quality control and hygiene, as aslo the patient's convenience.
  • The remedies work in harmony with the patient's inmune systems unlike other conventional meddicinal system. They don't suppress the disease.
  • The holistic healing system treats all the symptoms as one. In particular, it addresses the cause and not the symptoms. The results being that the symptoms dont't recur.
  • The homeoplex has a very sound system wherein the consultant spends adequate time with each new patient: taking a detailed case history , analysing the case; following which the case is discussed with the chief consultant; & aslo taking the aid of ccomputerised repertory.

World Class Homeoplex

  • Nash Homeoplex offers world-class treatments---scientific, reliable and effective...
  • Equipped with cutting edge technology and modern IT infrastructure, the Homeoplex offers thigh tech facilities for advanced health care.
  • The medication prescribed and dispensed to patients are obtained from leading suppliers, with test certificates as per national or international homeopathic pharmacopoeia standards.
  • One of the greatest advantages of these medications is that there are absolutely no side effects of the treatments.
  • The Homeoplex will offer German medicines, which are considered to be the best in the world.
  • The dietary guidelines and exercises are so designed that any average person can follow them without any major disruption to their lifestyle.