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1. Mrs Jijo

Rija Jijo I am The Patient of Dr Meenakshi From Nash Homeplex.I was Suffering from arthritis. From March 2011 I am having this problem . Earlier I use To get frequent Pains. From wen I have came to Nash Homeplex I Got Relief From My pain.
I would personally recommend to take medicine from Nash Homeplex and Sure you would find Changes in your Self

2. Mrs Nisreen

I am Mrs Nisreen Sitabkhan . I was Suffering from arthritis And Thyroid Problem From Past 3Months. I have taken A lot of medicine but I have not got any improvement in my problem and my Weight was also gaining . Then I came in the Nash Homeplex they given such a good service in 1month My Problem Got reduced. I am really happy with the treatment which Nash Homeplex provide .
I would tell every one Who is suffering from the problem so that they get total Cure from there problem.

3. Kavita Punwani

It is a year since I started my treatment with Nash Homeplex. My main complaint was excessive facial pigmentation. And gas, and an unhealthy BMR. Today after 1 year, I can see a marked improvement on all fronts. In addition, small ailments that come and go are well treated and cured. I am very happy with the treatment, the doctors, the staff both in terms of courtesy and efficiency.
Would recommend NASH to anybody and everybody.

4. Purvi Mehta

I have lived with PCOD for close to 7 years. I tried everything from medicines from some of the best doctors in UK to visiting some of the high class endocrinologist in Mumbai. After nothing worked. I was so disappointed that I completely lost hope.till I came across NASH. The moment I met doctor, she explained me PCOD in detail and how homeopathy can help me in completely eradicating it. It was too good to be true, but at the end of 4 ½ months of my treatment , I am almost PCOD free, and have lost about 7 kgs in total with no crash diets. Its a well deserved team of experienced doctors at NASH,Bandra and I highly recommend nash to all who would want to get treated with almost personal care and knowledge. Glad to have noticed the advert in the newspaper on time. There is still a long way to go and looking forward to better results in the near future.

5. Manju Mishra

I am Manju Mishra. Initially I was suffering from weight gain and hypothyroidism. I tried everything i.e. Gym and all but nothing worked. Then I came to Nash Homeplex and I found lot of changes in me . I had pain in my legs, joints, back, was feeling tired all the time . But the medicines given by doctor helped me a lot. It helped me reduced my weight and also eliminate my problems to a large extent. I am very happy with the results. All the doctors, steff everyone is very courteous and kind and also very soft spoken.
Thanks a lot every one

6. Mr Gomes

I am Savio Gomes . I WAS Suffering from Skin Diseases on both my legs (Feet ) , Since Couple of years. I meet Doctor Meenakshi and has been going through homeopathy Treatment improvement with the treatment going through.
I would recommend Homeopahay Treatment work Thanks you so much.

7. Mr Patil

I Anikita Kishore Patil, Consulting for Medicine of Thyroid From Dr Arun Kumar Mengane, Since last 2 weeks . I was feeling very tired due to thyroid, was very unhappy with my health, even my weight suddenly gained by 10kg. Since my Mom-Dad was existing patient in Nash Homeplex They Suggested me to Consulted Dr Arun Kumar . When I Visited and took medicine I feel so good. I was very happy Much Happy. last but not least I lost my weight by1KG and I got hope to lose more weight.
Thanks to Dr Arun & Thanks To Nash Homeplex

8. Mr Pandit

I Mr Prabhakar Pandit My ID is A1724 is taking the treatment from Nash For my Acne Rosacea and was being treated with Dr Hemlata Naik She is very good and I have been very comfortable with her treatment With Nash Treatment I found my problem of Acne Rosacea is getting cured from the root and I am very happy with the treatment and Dr Really Motivate me to take regular medicine and the service provided from Nash is very good and Staff is good and respective.
Thanks to Nash for Curing My Problem .

9. Mr Aditya

I Aditya dhere is very thankful to Nash Homeplex as due to their guidance & medicine provided by them my hairloss problem has almost perished .There was also a large numbers of white hair & also i had a dandruff problem which has reduced to a great extent.
My Sinusitis has being cured & i am still continuing for my weightloss program with nash.

10. Mr Porwal

I m Zil Porwal under the treatment of dr mehvish my treatment was for height increment & pimples its only few months had been i have joined .My skin is almost clear & even one inch height has being increased . I am lot satisfied with the treatemnt of Nash Homeplex. I am happy height & face now. thanks.